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This site also aims to allow users to access information relating to their policy(s), under Frequently Asked Questions.
The International Humanis Area is hereinafter referred to as "the International Humanis Area" or the "site".
This site is published by:

Association de Moyens Assurance de Personnes

Association régie par la loi du 1er juillet 1901
Registered  in the SIRENE register under number 840 599 930
N° Orias 19000811
Head office : 21 rue Laffitte
75009 Paris
Tél : 01 56 03 34 56

Humanis Prévoyance,
Welfare institution governed by the provisions of Title III of Book IX of the Social Security Code, registered in the SIRENE register under number 410 005 110. 
Registered office is located at 7 Rue de Magdeburg 75116 Paris.

Limited Liability Company with a Board of Directors and a Supervisory Board with a capital of €7,500,000. Company regulated by the Insurance Code. Registered in the Nanterre Trade and Companies Register under number 344.841.309
Registered office: 139/147 Rue Paul Vaillant-Couturier 92240 MALAKOFF
Hereinafter referred to as "The Owners of the Site"

The Director of the publication of this site is Thomas SAUNIER in his capacity as General Director.

The site is hosted on the IT equipment of:
Simplified joint stock company with a capital of €10,000,000
RCS Roubaix - Tourcoing 424 761 419 00045
2 Rue Kellermann - 59100 ROUBAIX
Telephone: 0899 701 761


In accordance with current regulations, and, more specifically, with the General Data Protection Regulation no. 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, the information you send to us via this website is required to enable you to use the website and access its various features. This information is processed by Humanis Assurances, whose contact details are provided above.

Each form or remote service limits the collection of personal data to that strictly necessary and notably informs you of the purposes for which this data is being collected, the recipients duly authorised to access it to respond to your request, as well as your rights with regards to the processing of your personal data and how you can exercise them.

Personal data collected as part of the services offered by this website is processed using secure protocols and is used to manage requests received through IT applications. Personal data collected through the website is processed in France. Your data is not kept any longer than the duration required for the purposes for which it is processed.

For further information or to exercise your rights on the processing of your personal data on this website, you can contact the Humanis Group's data protection representative (DPR) by writing to:

- or

- Groupe HUMANIS – cellule Protection des données personnelles - 141, Rue Paul Vaillant Couturier - 92246 MALAKOFF Cedex, France.

We may ask you to provide proof of identification to confirm your identity before responding to your request.

To find out more, please read the legal notices on the “” website.

In any event, you can contact the CNIL directly at the following address: 3, Place de Fontenoy - TSA 80715 - 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07, France.

The hyperlinks that appear on this website give access to websites that may collect personal data. From then on, it is up to you to read the legal notices of each of these websites.

The International Humanis Customer Area is accessible free of charge to any user with access to the Internet. All costs relating to access to the International Humanis Customer Area, whether the cost of hardware, software or access to the Internet, are exclusively the responsibility of the user. It is solely responsible for the proper functioning of its computer equipment as well as its access to the Internet.
The site owners strive to implement the reasonable means at their disposal to ensure quality access to the International Humanis Customer Area and the features offered by the site, but are not bound by any obligation to achieve this.
The owners of the Site may not, in addition, be held responsible for any malfunction of the network or servers, or any other event beyond reasonable control, which would prevent or worsen access to the International Humanis Customer Area or to one of its features.
The owners of the Site reserve the right to interrupt, temporarily suspend or modify without notice, access to all or any part of the site, in order to ensure maintenance, or for any other reason, without the interruption giving rise to any obligation or compensation.

Although the Owners of the Site make reasonable efforts to update the specific information published on the site, they cannot be held responsible for any error or omission.
The Owners of the Site cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damages that could result from access to the Site or its use, including inaccessibility, data loss, damage, destruction or viruses that may affect the User's computer equipment, and/or the presence of viruses on its site.
The user is solely responsible for the proper use of the information made available to it on the Site.
Access to the International Humanis Customer Area requires the use of a username and an access code. The username and the access code are personal and confidential. The user undertakes to keep them secret and not to disclose them in any form whatsoever. The use of its username and its access code through the Internet is carried out at the risk of the User. It is the responsibility of the user to take all the necessary provisions to protect its own data against any infringement.
The user acknowledges knowing the limitations and constraints specific to the Internet network and, as such, particularly recognises the impossibility of a total guarantee of secure data exchange. The Owners of the Site will not be held responsible for damages resulting from the transmission of any information, including that of its username and its access code.
The Owners of the Site may not in any case, within the limits of the applicable law, be held responsible for any damage and/or harm, direct or indirect, material or immaterial, or of any nature whatsoever, resulting from an unavailability of the International Humanis Customer Area, to one of the features of the site or any use of the site. The term "use" must be understood in the broad sense, i.e. any use of the site regardless of what it is, lawful or not.
The user undertakes, in a general manner, to respect all the rules in force in France.

The Owners of the Site strive to implement the necessary means for security and confidentiality of the data.
When the user accesses the personal data of its account, the SSL security server software encrypts the information at the time of their transfer. For more security, the user can change to SSL V3.0 mode if his browser allows it:
With Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher.
With Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher.
With Chrome
With Apple Safari 2.0 or higher.
If the user cannot enable SSL, it has the possibility of downloading for free the new versions of the browsers by clicking on the links below:
For Microsoft Internet Explorer:
For Chrome:
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For Apple Safari:

When browsing the site, one or more cookies may be placed on the user's computer to ensure its identification. These cookies record information relating to browsing in the site. They do not contain sensitive information.
The collection of information, through the use of cookies, allows the proper functioning of the online services as well as the improvement of the latter.
This information is kept for a period of 13 months from the last expression of consent of the user.
The user can disable the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on its browser. However, such a deactivation could prevent the use of some of the features of this site.

Required IT configuration

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher
Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or higher
This website is optimised for a 1280x1024 display and is responsive, i.e. its display adapts to the screen resolution to optimise the navigation.

The establishment of a hyperlink to this site requires the prior written consent of the Owners of the Site.
The Owners of the Site reserve the right to object to any link put in place without their authorisation and that could be prejudicial to their image, their activities, their values, their reputation or renown.
By clicking on a hyperlink, or an advertising banner, users can be redirected to sites. The Owners of the Site cannot be responsible for the content of those sites, nor for their policy on the management of personal data.
This site may, unwittingly, have been linked to other sites through hyperlinks. The owners of the site decline any responsibility concerning the information presented on these other sites.

The violation of a copyright (reproduction, representation, distribution, redistribution, sale, resale, retransmission or availability to third parties) in any manner whatsoever is prohibited and constitutes a copyright infringement.
All screens, graphics and other information present on the site are the property of the Owners of the Site. Of this fact, any reproduction, modification and distribution of these elements is prohibited without the prior written agreement of the owner(s).
The trademarks and logos appearing on this site are the property of the Owners of the Site or are the subject of an authorisation of use. Any total or partial reproduction or representation of these brands or logos, alone or integrated with other elements, without the prior express written permission of the owners or the third party holder of rights in the brand or logo, is prohibited and would engage the responsibility of the user within the meaning of Articles L.713-2 and L.713-3 of the Intellectual Property Code.
The images or photographs of people or places displayed on the site are the property of the Owners of the Site or are used by the latter with the agreement of the holders of the rights.
Certain images or photographs used come from right-free image banks. The use of these images or photographs by third parties is prohibited without specific, express and written authorisation of the owners.
All rights of reproduction are reserved, including downloadable documents and representations of images and photographs.

The user can transmit reports of content or of illicit behaviour encountered during the use of this site by sending an e-mail to the following address:

The law applicable to the present site is French law. In the absence of amicable agreement, disagreements or disputes shall be submitted to the competent courts.
General Terms and Conditions of Application
The general terms and conditions of use of the Customer Area complement the present legal notices. They are available in the section "General Terms and Conditions of Use" of the Customer Area, in accordance with current legislation. The terms of access to online information proposed on the Customer Areas of the HUMANIS Group, are specified by the General Terms and Conditions of Use.

The Owners of the Site reserve the right to modify or update the present legal notices at any time and without informing users beforehand. That is why they invite users to consult them regularly.